In this series Fugitive Sounds editor Cameron Howell posts selected stubs from his cache of concert tickets, along with his memories of the shows—a “little exercise” that he says “is as much about memory and explaining memories as it is about music or concerts.” Check back at noon each Thursday for the latest installment.

A big event from grad school: Dave Matthews Band returned to Charlottesville, Virginia (where the band began) to play a benefit show at the University of Virginia’s newly renovated Scott Stadium. It was the first time that the band had played in Charlottesville in years.

The band started a decade earlier, playing in small bars and at college parties. When I was in college, I watched the band play in the basements of fraternity houses, in parties in barns in rural Rockbridge County, and inside Charlottesville’s Trax club (since demolished) on Tuesday nights. By 2001, the band was gigantic.

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April 21, 2001
Scott Stadium (Charlottesville, VA)
Dave Matthews Band
with Neil Young & Crazy Horse

This was the first large-scale concert at the University’s renovated football stadium. Perhaps because the concert was a benefit for charity, perhaps because the University did not yet have a partnership with a ticketing company, perhaps because the DMB management had not yet achieved full strength—pre-sale tickets for the concert were issued on a Friday afternoon, on the site of the stadium, through a wristband-and-random-number-assignment process. Years later, I worked with some of the individuals who oversaw this process; and, in hindsight, I ache for all of the details that they had to oversee in 2001. There were far too many potential ticket-buyers than there were available pre-sale tickets. My friends and I discovered that Ticketmaster had somehow isolated (by zip code or by IP address?) Charlottesville-area buyers so they could buy pre-sale tickets directly through the Ticketmaster website. We left the bleachers of the football stadium for a computer lab in an academic building and bought our tickets online.

The opening act: Neil Young & Crazy Horse. How could you ask for anything better than that?

Day of the concert. Party at the bungalow where I lived, downslope from the University, before and after the show, within walking distance of Scott Stadium. Lots of grad-school friends gathered for a beautiful day and night. We could hear Neil Young’s sound check from the yard of the house. I kicked everyone out of the house and locked up before show time.


The set lists are below. Beginning a set with “Sedan Delivery” was an odd choice for Young. The song is not exactly a hit. Maybe he was taunting the audience. Young & Crazy Horse played “Come on Baby, Let’s Go Downtown”–my favorite song from “Tonight’s the Night.” Young played “All Along the Watchtower” with DMB later in the evening. The high point may have been Boyd Tinsley’s singing “True Reflections,” one of my favorites from the band’s time in fraternity-house basements when I was in college.


The band’s fondness for the hometown crowd seemed genuine, and the crowd responded well to new songs from Everyday, which was new at the time. Fifteen years ago.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Set-List:
Sedan Delivery
Hey Hey My My
Love and Only Love
Cinnamon Girl
Fucking Up
Cortez the Killer
Come On Baby Let’s Go Down Town
Rockin’ in the Free World
Down By the River

Dave Matthews Band Set-List:
Two Step
So Much to Say
Anyone Seen the Bridge
Too Much
So Right (First time played)
When the World Ends (First time played)
I Did It
What Would You Say
All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover) (with Neil Young)
Sleep to Dream Her
Grace Is Gone
What You Are
True Reflections (Boyd Tinsley song) (Boyd on lead vocals)
Ants Marching

If I Had It All
Stay (Wasting Time)